Monday, August 8, 2016

Neural Occlusion screening & CEREC perpetuation of DTR for the "TMJ" patient

The Neural Occlusion procedures are exemplified in this live person treatment. We always screen our TMJ individuals in order to help make sure that DTR treatment will be of benefit for them. JVA, CBCT 3D imaging, EMG, Tscan, oral hypersensitivity, record, exam; all of this data is acquired to enable us making a notified choice. In instances where we include in the anterior teeth to assist with DTR treatment, we "duplicate" that precise shape/anatomy of the tooth (in case the bound repair ever falls short) to make sure that we could create a solid ceramic reproduction of that tooth in the future to recreate the DTR result. CEREC CAD/CAM dental imaging and also ceramic production technology is used to accomplish this. To learn more do one or more of the following: click: check out: e-mail: call: 479.876.8000 Dr; Yiannios is a General Dental practitioner, as well as the American Dental Association does not identify a specialized in "TMJ&q

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