Saturday, January 14, 2017

How to blur the background in portraits - basic DSLR photography tips

Ways to develop a blurred history in picture shots. A guide for the DSLR user on the aspects that affect history blur: aperture, the range from subject to background, the range from electronic camera to topic, as well as the optical size of your lens. Hi, this is Tom Greenwood from Now in this clip we're looking at ways to produce that lovely blurred result in the background of your pictures. There are 4 main aspects influencing the amount of blur you produce in the background of your shots. The very first is the aperture that you utilize, the second is the range between the subject and also the history, the 3rd is the distance in between the cam and the subject and the fourth is the kind of lens you utilize, be it a wide-angle, a normal lens or a longer lens. First let's consider aperture. Now we remain in the park and also our topic is two or three metres before the rocks that make the background. Here we're shooting at 50mm. Currently this

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