Friday, January 27, 2017

The Last of Us - Chapter 1 & 2 - All Collectible Locations (Artifacts, Pendants, Manuals, Comics)

There are a total amount of 141 antiques in The Last of Us. 85 Artifacts, 30 Firefly Pendants, 12 Training Guidebooks, 14 Comic Books. Discovering all of them will certainly make you 5 prizes: Try to find the Light [Silver] Endure and Make it through [Bronze] It was all just lying there [Silver] I got this [Bronze] Scavenger [Gold] The game has 12 chapters. Every one of them (besides the beginning) do have antiques. You could keep track of your total development in the "Collectibles" section of the Reward Menu, or by pushing the select-button while playing. After beating the game for the very first time, you could likewise see in chapter pick how many collectibles of each type you have found per chapter. You need to get to the next checkpoint after locating a collectible! Otherwise, the development will certainly be shed. You have to gather it once more if you die. All your collectible development carries over to New Video game+. You could additionally get missing products th

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