Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Bread Pizza Recipe | Quick and Easy Bread Pizza | Bread Pizza Recipe by kabitaskitchen

Components: White bread slices-4 Mozzarella cheese( grated) -100 gm Onion( cut) -1. Capsicum( Sliced) -1. Tomato( cut) -1. Jalapeño-25 gm. Chilli flakes-1/ 2 tsp. Blended herb-1/ 2 tsp. Oregano-1/ 2 tsp. Schezwan chutney-1 tablespoon. Tomato ketchup-2 tablespoon. Salt-1/ 2 tsp or as per preference. For created dish:. Website-. Blog site-. Twitter -. Facebook -. Music by Kevin MacLeod;. Parting of the Ways. Source-. Accredited under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.

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