Sunday, August 6, 2017

10 Beauty Tips & Tricks | Quick Tips

View extra Quick Tips video clips: Extra mascara on your lids compared to your lashes? Hold a spoon versus your covers as you apply it. The spoon will help curl your lashes too. Neat! Want the nude lip look? Cover your lips with concealer before applying clear lip gloss. Lovely! No time at all for a touch up? Use a large powder puff to use baby powder to dark roots. Magic. Sloppy house manicures? Swab some oil jelly around your nailbeds prior to using polish to stop it from getting on your fingers. Neat. Swollen peepers? Decrease them quick by standing out 2 steel spoons in the fridge freezer for a few minutes and then holding the rear of them against your eyes. Dried out elbows as well as feet? Heal the skin by massaging a thick layer of baby diaper breakout cream on the area. Smooth. About to throw out made use of coffee grinds? Massage them on your skin for an instant exfoliator. They function just as well as a shop got product. Smooth. Frizz ball? Scrub a decrease o

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