Sunday, August 6, 2017

10 Beauty Tricks Using Coconut Oil ♡

❤ ❤ Instagram- JessikaMae ❤ ❤. ** Thumbs up if you liked the video! =D. 10 Beauty Tricks Making use of Sodium bicarbonate-. Btw, my apologies for the amount of "in fact's" you might be listening to throughout this video, had no suggestion how many times I stated it up until after I posted =P. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil:. Skinny & Carbon monoxide Coconut Oil:. 1. Use as a hair therapy. 2. Usage to hydrate your skin. 3. Use to remove your eye makeup. 4. Blend with baking soft drink to make a face scrub. 5. Use rather than shaving cream. 6. Consume a spoonful a day or every now and then for health and wellness benefits. 7. Dab under your eyes to stop wrinkles. 8. Decrease presence of stretch marks. 9. Assists reinforce nails. 10. Put some in your bath for a moisturizing bathroom. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Btw I utilize ebates every time I go online buying to help obtain some money back from my purc

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