Sunday, July 30, 2017

13 WEIRD MakeUp Hacks that Actually Work!

Subscribe ➜ VIEW NEXT ➜ - ~- ~ ~- ~ ~ ~- ~ ~- ~-. I decided to test out STRANGE charm hacks particularly for make-up! All these odd appeal hacks in fact function! Share the video to spread quirkiness to the globe & thumbs up for more hack video clips! An additional hack video clip? 10 ODD Hair Hacks that Actually Work! ( For more check out my hack video clip playlist). INSTAGRAM:. TWITTER:. SNAPCHAT: nataliesoutlet ... VLOG:. YOUNOW:. ( I live stream every Sunday at 7pm EST to hang with my Outties). Business Email: If your analysis this, comment "YAZ ON FLEEK". Outtie of the week: Instagram @ella. rosexoxo. Video Outtie of the week: Instagram (did not send socials) ☹. Video clip Outtie of the Week: YT Veronicas Beauty04. For Edit Outtie Submissions identify me on Instagram & Twitter. For Outtie Video clip entries please send out to Subscribe to join the Outties Family! We are a number of odd kidz preparing yours

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